Oahu Dentist Wade Takenishi Introduces New VELscope Techniques to Screen For Oral Cancer

More than 480,000 new cases of oral and mouth cancers are diagnosed every year, with over 35,500 cases right here in the United States. Oral cancer is a growing concern among dentists and oral surgeons, who are seeing cancerous growths develop in a growing number of people from a diverse variety of lifestyles. Oral cancer kills approximately one person every hour, and without proper detection methods, a person can suffer with oral cancer without ever knowing it. This is why early detection and regular dentists appointments are critical to decreasing oral cancer fatalities.

Wade Takenishi, DDS is Oahu’s leading dental office, providing the most progressive dental services to each and every patient. Now, Dr. Takenishi is excited to introduce the VELscope, a new technology that will help provide thorough, painless oral cancer examinations.

The VELscope emits a safe, high energy light which excited the tissues in the oral cavity just beneath the skin’s surface. As the tissue returns to normal energy levels it re-emits the absorbed light energy in the form of fluorescence light. The VELscope then utilizes a special set of optical fibers that enable the clinician to view the different patterns of the tissue, discerning  normal cells from abnormal cells.

Oral cancer is a growing concern but early detection can be the key to avoid serious complications. Visit Wade Takenishi, DDS to screen for abnormalities alongside your next regular check-up. Call Oahu’s leading dental office at (808) 593- 2775 to schedule your next appointment 

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