Cracked a tooth? Need a crown today? Then CEREC is perfect for you!

Honolulu Dentist Dr Wade Takenishi Cerec unit. Same day crowns

This cutting edge technology allows our patients to have new restorations (crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays) in one visit! The CEREC saves our patients time, which is so important to us.

Traditional crowns take two dental visits and require patients to wear a temporary crown for two to three weeks, during which the patient cannot chew on it. There is also the possibility of a temporary crown coming off while the permenanent crown is being made.

With CEREC, Dr. Wade Takenishi is able to create precise computer generated ceramic crowns right here in his office. We are also able to customize the shade of a crown to blend perfectly with surrounding teeth.

Have a wedding coming up but you cracked a tooth? High school reunion in a month and you want to show off a new smile? Have old crowns that do not match surrounding teeth? Then CEREC is for you!

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We are excited to announce the integration of CEREC and Invisalign.