Dental Bonding


Dental bonding is a pain free procedure that many times does not require anesthetic (getting numb).  The teeth are prepared with minimal to no reduction of tooth structure.  The teeth are cleaned and then a cosmetic composite resin is bonded to the tooth to alter the tooth’s shape, making  teeth appear straighter and more pleasing to the eye. It usually takes only one appointment to do the actual bonding, with follow up appointments to fine tune the teeth to your personal satisfaction.  What a great way to build confidence with a winning smile!  Get that job you've always wanted!  Don't wait!  Come in and change the way you look and feel!  Call to make an appointment at (808) 593-2775

Dental Bonding Before and After Honolulu Best Dentist Dr Wade Takenishi

*Actual patient. Bonding was completed in about an hour