Digital Dentistry

Digital Xrays

Dr. Wade Takenishi now offers digital x-rays. With this technology, Dr. Wade is able to view images immediately, unlike conventional x-rays that have to be developed.  Another awesome benefit of digital x-rays is that it cuts radiation exposure by 80%, when compared to regular x-rays.  Patients are also able to see at a large scale possible problem areas.

Honolulu Dentist Dr Wade Takenishi offers digital Xrays

Intra Oral Camera

SOPROLIFE is a new imaging fluorescence device aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of caries.

The auto fluorescence technology in SOPROLIFE allows us to detect occlusal or interproximal decay, even in its earliest stages, which can often be missed by the eyes or by x-rays. This is accomplished with image magnification of 30 to 100 times.

SOPROLIFE allows us to differentiate healthy tissue from infected tissue in order to excavate only the tissue which is diseased.

Honolulu Dentist Dr Wade Takenishi uses the cutting edge technology Soprolife, which allows him to see developing cavities at it's earliest stages