Currently we are doing a take home whitening.  What does this mean?  You come into the office and have impressions taken of you teeth.  We fabricate custom trays designed to fit your teeth and your teeth only.  Therefore, they are comfortable and easy to wear.  We give you instruction on use and maintain frequent visits to update and compare results.  We work with you to get the results that you desire.  Results may vary from person to person so you cannot always get that white white teeth people see in the ads.  It is dependant on how white your teeth are internally that will determine how white the teeth will become in the end.  


Why don't you do in office whitening?  We have found that the results obtained are not as good as the take home whitening.  They often times require multiple visits and most importantly people have complained of pain.  Most people will have some sort of sensitivity to the whitening, but with the take home whitening we can control the sensitivity.

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