Cigarette smoking not only increases the risk of cancer, but it is one of the most important risk factor for gum disease. People who smoke are at high risk for developing periodontal disease, which is an infection that causes loss of the supporting structures that surrounds the teeth. Both surgical and non-surgical interventions are less effective in those who smoke, and relapse of this disease to occur is more common compared to non-smokers.

The heat along with the toxins form tobacco smoke has a direct negative effect on the blood circulation within the gums, limiting the flow of salivary antibodies and tissue repair cell, etc, which are vital for teeth. It is important for smokers to understand when there is an increase amount of smoking, and with time, not only will it increase the severity of periodontal disease, the onset of this disease can also begin in its severe stages.

The solution is simple, if you quit smoking, you will save your teeth, and save your life.